About Buddy

Buddy Goodfellow has created an environment in which the kids, without any prior experience are able to actually play the instruments and sound musical. This brings the children great joy and pride and a sense that they can do anything they want.
Buddy Goodfellow born Rob Trussell lives at 4112 Park ave Minneapolis 55407.
He learned to play guitar from his father and older brother. His family would often sing and play together his mom sometimes at the piano.
Rob Trussell has been active in the Minneapolis rock scene since 1988 under his other pseudonym  Rob Stealcheat. Rob Stealcheat also teaches adult beginning guitar. See guitar lessons page on RobStealcheat .com
Buddy has volunteered extensively at local Elementary schools Playing music with children. He plays at parties and currently has several weekly children students. References from these parents available upon request. Friend Buddy on FB

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  1. Oh my gosh! , i have never learned as much with other teachers but buddy ... he is so amazing! i have only ben taking lessons for what like 5 or 6 months and im playing like never before! So if you want to go places this is your teacher!