Buddy Goodfellow's Musical Carpet Ride DVD contains seven songs, six of which were written by Buddy Goodfellow. All of the music on this soundtrack was performed by Buddy Goodfellow, recorded by same (IMAC Garageband). The accompanying video is a loosely woven depiction of the themes within the songs. You will see children who are at first frustrated with a world that doesn't fit - in a world where many wonderful enticing hobbies and tools and games and clothing are too big. (It is not the children who are too small.) As the story progresses the children find things which fit just right- swing set, rock climbing wall and eventually we see them riding bikes which fit just right and which they love dearly. They become lost in play and while on their journey they ask a man for directions and discover the man to be more lost then they. They decide to make the best of the moment and push forward with faith, strength and determination. This brings them to Buddy Goodfellow's Musical Carpet Ride - a place where they get to play in a rock band with electric guitars and drums- all instruments in appropriate sizes. They experience being truly musical (Buddy's Guitars are tuned special). Their natural rhythm is thus allowed to come shining through playing instruments that fit in this confidence-building positive environment.

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